Ceiling Baffle Straight Bespoke

Our effective solution, custom-made for every space and application. The straight ceiling baffles are acoustically highly effective and are suitable for offices, restaurants, swimming pools and even factory halls.

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Available in all 28 colours

Quiet Neutrals

These shades work in harmony with natural textural materials and soften industrial environments. From light to dark and cool to warm, these are the foundations of any scheme where longevity and a mood of calm is desired.

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Warm Naturals

Combinations of lighter toned neutrals and pinks have a gently soothing and restorative effect while the more saturated hues make perfect environments for relaxation.

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Living Greens

From the cool greens of forests to the yellowed aspect of young wheat, we see Living Greens breathing life into indoor spaces, and an essential palette for the future. Use in tonal layers brings the depth and diversity of green, while a single note can provide an amplifying backdrop to a biophilic space.

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Elemental Blues

These blues work perfectly both as familiar single hues and in effortless tonal layers to create an immersive environment for focus or restoration.

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Soothing Pastels

With tonal duos of pink and blue and green, this perfectly balanced group is designed for peaceful plays on light and shade and playful contrast. While the lightest tones have a dreamlike quality, their deeper counterparts add a subtle grounding.

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Elegant Darks

While colour can create a mood, it is the depth or lightness of a hue that truly defines the emotion. While each hue has the strength to stand alone, beautiful effects can be achieved with harmonized pairs.

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Energetic Brights

There are no rules here with endless possibilities for clashing contrasts or surprising highlights. For a sophisticated use of energetic colour, take a single hue and colour match contrasting textiles and solid surfaces.

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Primary Play

The primary story happens when all three main colours are used together, with varied proportions creating differing moods. As with the Energetic Brights palette, combine with coordinating-coloured textiles and solid surfaces.

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Still not sure which colour looks best for your amazing project?

Colours on the screen may differ from the real material. We will gladly send you a free sample box so that you can decide at your comfort which colour suits best for your next project.

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All our products are customizable to your exact needs.

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Bespoke solutions

We specialize in expanding, adapting or completely rethinking all of our standard products according to your ideas and needs. Contact our Design Studio and we will be happy to advise you for a tailor-made acoustic solution that transcend boundaries.