Elemental Blues

From frozen glaciers to ever changing skies and vast oceans, this collection connects on an elemental level with the three states of water.

We had to pay tribute to our blue planet with a collection of sea- and sky-inspired hues. As our air and water quality are increasingly under threat, the appeal of nature’s blues becomes stronger.

With the power to calm or energise, the lure of the open water and endless skies is precious and eternal.

These blues work perfectly both as familiar single hues and in effortless tonal layers to create an immersive environment for focus or restoration.

410 Winter Sky

With a touch of grey, a perfect mid-tone blue

304 Ice Blue

A cool tinted pastel blue

864 Marine Blue

Intense and sophisticated with a hint of warmth

432 Pacific Ocean

An uplifting, saturated green-blue

810 Midnight

Deep and immersive

918 Deep Sea

Timeless and calming