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Acoustic partitions for desks should not be missing in any office. Especially in open-plan offices, they give a bit of privacy and muffle telephone conversations. All products can also be produced with your individual size or perforation on request.

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Desk Division


All unnecessary parts have been stripped from this acoustic desk partition to achieve its primary purpose: be among the best in providing effective acoustic performance to any workstation. Easily attach to any tabletop and pick a...


Desk Division


Wrap any desk with this functional desk-dividing system and enjoy the prominent vertical V-cuts that contribute an elegant finish to the straightforward design.

Wrap Perf_Teaser

Desk Division

Wrap Performance

The Wrap Performance acoustic division wall follows the trend of dematerialization where all unnecessary parts of an acoustic workstation partition have been removed. A simple, adaptable and a functional system that works with every standard workstation. Thanks to...

Full Moon_teaser

Desk Division

Full Moon

Cover the front of any workstation in full using this beautiful round rectangular-shaped desk dividing system. Tactile vertical V-cuts add an elegant finish to the sound-absorbing material that ensures effective acoustic performance.   

Half moon_Teaser

Desk Division

Half Moon

A beautifully rounded silhouette not only makes this desk divider deliver effective acoustic performance, but it also breaks up with the original interpretation of the workstation screen. Prominent vertical V-cuts contribute that little extra and make...


Floor Standing Division

Murus Set

Accommodating a new era of working flexibly, this adaptable acoustic partition enables teams to conveniently enhance acoustic and visual privacy in an instant. Attach the individual elements tool-free with the accompanying plug-in connectors, and voila, time...

Bespoke solutions

We specialize in expanding, adapting or completely rethinking all of our standard products according to your ideas and needs. Contact our Design Studio and we will be happy to advise you for a tailor-made acoustic solution that transcend boundaries.


Desk Division


Screen off visual and acoustic distractions with the Infra desk division. Designed to cover the area below the tabletop, this divider is especially suitable for sit-stand desks to prevent visibility under the table from the opposite...