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All our products are available in 28 colours. This colour collection is created in partnership with Colour Hive™ with an understanding of developing and enduring colour trends, each with a story to tell.

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Hanging Division


What first appears like simple irregular lines gradually turn into complex geometric silhouettes. The result is a striking and surprising design that delights the eye while providing excellent sound-absorbing features.

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Acoustic Lighting


Both with the acoustics and with our lighting technology, we make no trade-offs. Ora is the best example of the symbiosis of both worlds: Optimal acoustics above workplaces and at the same time a light that...


Acoustic Lighting


Amazing, how the light can be focused and directed in a targeted manner using the reflectors, thus guaranteeing the best illumination of workplaces. The processing of the recessed light sources ensures that the light in the...


Desk Division


Screen off visual and acoustic distractions with the Infra desk division. Designed to cover the area below the tabletop, this divider is especially suitable for sit-stand desks to prevent visibility under the table from the opposite...


Desk Division


All unnecessary parts have been stripped from this acoustic desk partition to achieve its primary purpose: be among the best in providing effective acoustic performance to any workstation. Easily attach to any tabletop and pick a...


Floor Standing Division

Murus Set

Accommodating a new era of working flexibly, this adaptable acoustic partition enables teams to conveniently enhance acoustic and visual privacy in an instant. Attach the individual elements tool-free with the accompanying plug-in connectors, and voila, time to get to work!

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Bespoke solutions

We specialize in expanding, adapting or completely rethinking all of our standard products according to your ideas and needs. Contact our Design Studio and we will be happy to advise you for a tailor-made acoustic solution that transcend boundaries.


Acoustic Whiteboard


Grafo is probably the best collaboration buddy out there. It features a whiteboard surface combined with an acoustic screen to capture great ideas and beat the noise. The steel trolley wheels make this acoustic whiteboard easy...


Floor Standing Division


A straightforward silhouette that is playful at heart with its adaptable design. Each standing division comes with six individual parts that are easily attached with flexible plug-in connectors. Opt for several units and simply link them...


Floor Standing Division


Our lightweight Motus can be used exactly where it's needed, whether it's in an open-plan office or a classroom, thanks to its high-quality steel rollers with stoppers.


Floor Standing Division


Easily divide spaces for visual and acoustic privacy with this compact standing element. The subtle metallic foot enables quick installation and provides sufficient support for the screen without stealing attention. Opt for a plain or perforated...


Tensed Division


While dividing spaces, this acoustic partition system does not entirely block the view. Instead, it creates a sociable visual barrier with floating same-sized circular acoustic panels that can easily be attached to any existing floor and ceiling structures.

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Perfectly organized

The acoustic organizer TwoWay provides space for a laptop and everyday work essentials. Use it in two ways: standing upright it can be carried while lying down it serves as a tray on the desk.

<p><strong>Perfectly organized</strong></p>

Hanging Division


When less is more. With its compact design, this plain acoustic element offers maximum acoustic impact, and like no other element in the same range, it provides the best visual separation to eliminate visual eavesdropping for...


Desk Division


Wrap any desk with this functional desk-dividing system and enjoy the prominent vertical V-cuts that contribute an elegant finish to the straightforward design.


Hanging Division


Ornella is known for its oriental-inspired design based on abstract geometric shapes that intersect in all directions. While playful, this acoustic element preserves an edge of sophistication that will elevate most interiors—be it commercial, corporate, or...


Hanging Division


Derived from the Braille alphabet, this acoustic room divider, with the same name, reinterprets the tactile writing system. Circular perforations, rather than raised dots, make up the design of this sound-absorbing element to perfectly balance the...


Hanging Division


Leaf-like silhouettes gradually extend across this sound-absorbing screen and contribute tranquility, similar to the calming effect of a walk in the woods. Pick from different sizes and combine a vast range of colours to make this...


Hanging Division


Meet Rays, a compact acoustic room divider featuring a high-opaque design compared to other acoustic elements in the same range. The triangular cut-out pattern, based on parametric design, creates a mesmerizing effect that inevitably stand to...


Hanging Division


A sound-absorbing room divider that displays a gradient of circle-shaped perforations while preserving its acoustic properties: keep the noise down and shield users from visual distractions.


Hanging Division


Surprise and please the eye with this triangle-shaped cut-out pattern reminiscent of a spiderweb. Perforations are based on mathematical calculations that create a balanced distribution of shapes while maintaining a vivid appearance that guarantees heads turning. 


Ceiling Baffle


A simple and timeless design that works in almost any space. The round edges add a soft feel and an element of surprise to rather rigid lines, while the perfectly engineered gaps between the baffles grant...


Hanging Division


Reminiscent of soothing raindrops that gently hit the ground after the storm subsides, it surprises most to learn that this naturally appearing pattern is conceived using algorithmic design. The matrices display an arrangement of adjacent rounded...


Hanging Division


Overlapping horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines create a dynamic grid that contributes an interesting effect to any space. Place behind each other on a track for an even more dramatic impact and still enjoy the visual...


Hanging Division


The window-like perforations of Illum give any room a very special effect and are perfect for a fascinating play of light and shadow at any time of day. At the same time, the large surfaces of...