The new way of Textile

ARCHISONIC® Textile offers even greater versatility with our unique range of colours. This exceptional fabric is crafted in Italy to the highest quality standards, using 100% recycled PET materials.

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ARCHISONIC® Textile is our environmentally friendly fabric solution made from recycled plastic bottles.

In an effort to promote sustainability, at the end of its life cycle, Textile can be returned. We then transform it into a darker yarn, which is utilized in our acoustic curtains, completing the loop and showcasing an impressive closed-loop system.

ARCHISONIC® Textiles are distinguished by evocative hues which can suit any situation and enhance any design scheme and perfectly matches the 32 captivating colors of our renowned ARCHISONIC® Felt Collection.

This fabric offers unparalleled versatility, allowing integration into a wide range of applications, such as the creation of effective acoustic curtains for room separation and as upholstery for furniture.

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