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Solving acoustic challenges in small and narrow spaces can be challenging with most of the floor occupied by other furniture. In such spaces, acoustic wall panels are an effective solution. We offer an extensive range of standard and bespoke products to spark your creativity and endless imagination − in both small and big spaces.

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Wall Covering


It’s brave, and it’s bold. While the Gatsby wall element is characterised by an underlying delicacy like other acoustic panels in the same range, this pattern is extremely vibrant with even more intersecting lines and geometric patterns, which...


Wall Covering


Subtle lines cross elegant geometric patterns, creating a wall panel of its own unique character. As the name suggests, an acoustic wall to feel good.


Wall Covering


A natural pattern adorns this acoustic wall, a sequence of curves and lines like those found in nature in agricultural fields or jungles.

Wall Covering Vela_Teaser

Wall Covering


A fancy pattern that exudes an elegant grace at the same time. The precisely cut lines give Vela a piece of elegance and sophistication.


Wall Covering


Bau is a tribute to the legendary German art school Bauhaus, whose forms and lines shaped architecture and art for decades.


Wall Covering


A regular yet playful pattern adorns this acoustic wall, a sequence of curves and lines like those found in the urban jungle.

Bespoke solutions

We specialize in expanding, adapting or completely rethinking all of our standard products according to your ideas and needs. Contact our Design Studio and we will be happy to advise you for a tailor-made acoustic solution that transcend boundaries.


Wall Covering


Meet Fylo, a sophisticated character that combines two panels with different thicknesses to give a plain wall a dynamic and contemporary feel. Mirror the elements to go from classy to fun and vice versa to fit various...


Wall Covering


Covered with numerous rectangular-shaped ornaments, Maya adds contrast to interiors where other furniture items play a more subtle role. As such, this acoustic wall panel enhances the room acoustics while elevating the visual appearance with an...


Wall Covering


Soft bends and organic turns make up this beautiful wall element conceived following an algorithmic design approach. And while based on a mathematical equation, the illusion of natural visual movement remains intact to spellbind any passerby. 


Wall Covering


Contour captivates a space like no other wall element. The soft organic lines, created through algorithmic design, form a continuous visual movement that transcends boundaries and enchants any hospitality, corporate or institutional project.

Wall Panels_Tabula_Teaser

Wall Tile


Rejuvenate interiors with floor-to-ceiling wall elements like Tabula and improve the room acoustics at the same time. The flexible nature of these wall tiles provides a cost-effective option to other noise-reducing designs while offering countless colour combinations that...


Wall Covering


Intersecting lines form the geometrically shaped design of this almost three-dimensional texture. And while full of movement and fun, Prisma provides an underlying subtlety that instantly enhances any space, both aesthetically and acoustically.   


Wall Covering


Reminiscent of a labyrinth, the dynamic pattern of this acoustic wall covering contributes to an adventurous atmosphere that undoubtedly will excite teams. Create continuous or unrepeated designs to accommodate different interiors. The possibilities are many. 


Wall Covering


A construction of endless geometrics patterns makes Facet an interior showstopper. Especially, the three-dimensional texture adds a surprising effect to instantly rejuvenate dull walls while improving room acoustics.

Vertigo Irregular_Teaser

Wall Covering

Vertigo Irregular

Based on the original Vertigo design, this irregular alternative comes with all the same acoustic features but offers even more freedom for creative souls to play with patterns and different styles. Cut it on-site to fit...


Wall Covering


Meet Vertigo, a highly flexible and cost-effective acoustic solution that effortlessly blends into new or existing spaces with its vertical v-cut lines. Designed to cover surfaces up to the last millimeter, this acoustic panel perfectly fits...


Wall Covering


This cross-patterned acoustic wall covering is an excellent option for interiors that must be kept simple and yet elevated. With its non-intrusive character, this solution effortlessly blends with other furniture items for a harmonious design.


Wall Tile


Geometrically shaped patterns withstand trends and seasons, and this hexagon silhouette is no different. The slightly chamfered edge makes combined elements appear jointless, creating an effortless look. Combine contrasting or complementary colours to fit specific moods or styles.


Wall Covering


An assembly of moving lines creates a dynamic flow from one acoustic panel to another, allowing designers to form a continuous pattern or a series that can easily be altered by inverting the panels. It’s time...


Wall Tile


While borrowing characteristics from the classic fishbone pattern, this wall tile design is far from universal. A mosaic of interconnected and overlapping lines contributes movement and a sense of depth, in turn cheering up any space.