Unique colours

With the power to influence mood, elicit a feeling and tell a story, colour is integral to the development of our acoustic materials.
Eight colour families. 32 colours. Endless possibilities.

Freely choose the colour or colour combination from our palette. Curated by colour and trend experts Colour Hive, you can be sure that every combination within a colour family will harmonise with each other.

As individuals, our tastes and preferences are informed by a palette of influences, from the political and social climate to environmental concerns and technology advances. We have taken these influences and translated them into a range of 32 colours, from versatile neutrals to directional highlights.

Quiet Neutrals

In an ever-connected increasingly urban age, we are all at times in search of a moment of silence. With this in mind, we look to the quieter elements of nature as inspiration for a series of calming and balanced neutrals.

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Warm Naturals

While there is much to be hopeful about, we find ourselves living in a time of uncertainty. To counter these feelings of anxiety, we are drawn to environments that reassure and hold us in a virtual hug.

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Living Greens

Environmental awareness and a deepening appreciation of biophilia drives a desire for ever more green spaces.

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Elemental Blues

From frozen glaciers to ever changing skies and vast oceans, this collection connects on an elemental level with the three states of water.

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Soothing Pastels

With the evolution of millennial pinks and the emergence of neo-mint, the bandwidth of neutrals has increased, and we see diffused soothing pastels take their place as neutrals of the future.

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Elegant Darks

In this collection we bring together the richly saturated and shaded colours of our palette for a mood of indulgence with a touch of theatricality.

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Energetic Brights

Here to make an impact, our boldest, clearest hues are collected in a story of optimism and energy. As a counterbalance to enduring trends for tone-on-tone layers of colours, there is also the welcome return of clear and saturated brights.

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Primary Play

The Bauhaus centenary has reawakened designers’ interest in primary colours and the fundamental building blocks of colour are here in this nuanced red, blue and yellow.

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About Colour Hive

Colour Hive is a London based creative agency with more than 20 years of experience in materials, colours and trend forecasting.