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Discover our carefully curated range of accessories designed to enhance your everyday office life. Our products feature a flexible and versatile material crafted from upcycled PET bottles, providing sustainable and stylish solutions to make your work easier and more enjoyable.

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Acoustic Organiser


Maximise on convenience and organisation with our workstation organiser, which offers dual functionality as both a carrier and a tray for storing equipment and daily work essentials. This versatile product can be easily stowed away in...


Acoustic Accessory


Never lose sight of ideas with the Stormboard, a double-sided brainstorming tool suitable for any environment with brains at work. The front side is an acoustic pinboard, while the other is a magnetic whiteboard. Hang it...


Acoustic Accessory


Maintain focus at the home office or in open spaces with this practical sheltering screen, designed to instantly create a quiet private nook. Easily fold and stow away when not in use to keep the rest...

TwoWay Pro_Teaser

Acoustic Organiser

TwoWay Pro

The Pro version provides even more space for your work utensils. The TwoWay Pro workstation organiser quite literally provides two ways to store devices and day-to-day work essentials. Use it upright as a carrier or place...

Bespoke solutions

We specialize in creating bespoke acoustic solutions tailored to your needs. Contact our Design Studio today for expert advice and personalised solutions that meet your exact specifications.