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Looking for a sustainable solution for your office space? Look no further than Chatpod®, the most environmentally-friendly office booth on the market. Made in Switzerland using recycled materials like post-consumer cardboard, PET bottles, sawdust, and rubber, Chatpod® is perfect for phone calls and small meetings. With customizable features, including five sizes, seven configurations, and 32 colours, you can tailor Chatpod® to fit your unique needs. Plus, Chatpod® is available for both purchase and lease. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and take the first step towards a more sustainable workspace.

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The future of the workplace comes in seven configurations

Chatpod 185
Phone Call

Compact telephone booth with space for one standing person. Ideal for short phone calls, video calls, or focus breaks.

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Chatpod 300
Focus Work

Thanks to the height-adjustable table, you always have the perfect position for every task. Ideal for concentrated and focused work.

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Chatpod 350

The solution for two-person conversations and short meetings. The benches are equipped with comfortable acoustic upholstery.

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Chatpod 700 Bench

Room for up to four people and equipped with benches. Optionally, we offer a whiteboard or screen holder for creative meetings.

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Chatpod 700 High Top

Thanks to the high table, perfect for a short briefing in small teams. The Chatpod can be reconfigured at a later stage and expanded with an extra module.

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Chatpod 1200 Bench

With space for up to six people, our largest Chatpod. Of course, the box has a power socket and USB ports for enough juice.

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Chatpod 1200 High Top

The room-in-room solution for ad-hoc meetings. The high table offers space for up to six people. Perfectly illuminated and soundproofed, of course.

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Features of our Chatpods

1. Production

We produce in Switzerland and only use sustainable materials. Our Chatpods are made from recycled cardboard, sawdust, rubber, and recycled PET bottles. Local foundations and handicapped professionals support us in the production.

2. Acoustics

Trust us, we are experts in room acoustics. The interior of the Chatpod is soundproof, while the acoustic exterior cladding reduces ambient noise. The speech level reduction is 28.2 dB, according to ISO 23351-1, scientifically tested.

3. Colours

Our carefully curated colour palette offers you the agony of choice from 32 colours. The frame colour also matches the existing furniture and is available in 12 colours. Which of the nearly 1000 combinations would you like?

4. Assembly

All Chatpods are delivered pre-assembled. Thanks to the simple assembly instructions, the boxes can be easily assembled with a little manual skill. The smallest combination can be assembled in 20 minutes, leaving you time for the important things.

5. Hygiene

An automatic ventilation system ensures a cool head and mind. PET fibres and glass and metal parts can be easily cleaned and disinfected. Perfect for returning to the office.

Various colour combinations

For the exterior cladding, choose from the 32 colours in our ARCHISONIC® Felt collection. With every square metre of our acoustic material, we can recycle 88 plastic bottles. ARCHISONIC® is Cradle-to-Cradle certified and awarded the "Ecobau 1" label.

The frame also adapts: Choose from 12 different colours from within our existing colour families.

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Swiss Quality

Every product that leaves our factory is the result of careful planning, precise execution and the pursuit of perfection. This is what Chatpod® stands for: Swiss craftsmanship and quality. We manufacture exclusively in Switzerland and work with local suppliers and foundations.

Design by Jeffrey Ibañez

What if we offered people working in open-plan offices more privacy or a special protected space to think freely? How can we address the massive climate and resource problems on our planet at the same time?

The idea of the Chatpod was born. A sustainable product, made in Switzerland from renewable resources, designed by Impact Acoustic Co-Founder Jeffrey Ibañez.