100% soundproof, 100% recyclable

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Sometimes you need a razor focus or zero distractions. Take a step inside Chatpod, isolation pods for phone calls or small meetings. Chatpod is made in Switzerland of 97 % post-consumer content such as recycled cardboard, PET bottles, sawdust, and rubber − all 100 % recyclable.

It all started with a vision

Designed by Jeffrey Ibañez

Open space offices were intended to help employees collaborate more intensely. Unfortunately, reality looks different, people retreat instead. Studies recorded less talking and collaboration: face-to-face chats dropped, and email activity increased instead. Filipino designer and architect Jeffrey Ibañez had the vision to change this: What if we provide the people working in open space offices more privacy or specific safe space to think freely? How can we tackle the massive climate and resource problems on our planet and still create a high-quality product? The idea of the Chatpod was born. A truly sustainable product, made of renewable resources that helps improve the quality in offices around the world.


Upcycling and life cycle management are the foundation in the product development of ARCHISONIC®’s high-performance acoustic absorbers. Instead of extracting new material, the product relies on the upcycling of single-used plastic bottles with a positive carbon footprint. 88 post-consumer PET bottles are used for every square meter of finished material, that is produced in the same traditional way as natural wool felt. ARCHISONIC® is available in 28 carefully curated colours, combined into eight colour families.

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