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When it comes to solving acoustic challenges in small or narrow spaces, it can be difficult to find a solution that doesn't take up precious floor space. Fortunately, our acoustic wall panels offer an effective and space-saving solution. With our extensive range of standard and bespoke products, we aim to ignite your creativity and imagination, regardless of the size of your space. Contact us today to explore our range of acoustic wall panels and transform every space.


Upcycling and life cycle management are the foundation in the product development of ARCHISONIC®’s high-performance acoustic absorbers. Instead of extracting new material, the product relies on the upcycling of single-used plastic bottles with a positive carbon footprint. 88 post-consumer PET bottles are used for every square meter of finished material, that is produced in the same traditional way as natural wool felt. ARCHISONIC® is available in 32 carefully curated colours, combined into eight colour families.