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Custom-made products

Are customisations on standard products possible?

Yes, this is possible at any time for an additional charge. Contact our sales team for a suitable offer.

Can other dimensions of the raw panels be ordered?

The standard dimensions of our ARCHISONIC® raw boards are 1220 x 2820 x 12mm and 1820 x 2420 x 24mm. In principle, special dimensions of our raw material are possible up to a length of 3 metres, but a width of 2.40 metres is given. The delivery time is around 12 weeks.

Do you also offer ARCHISONIC® special colours?

Yes, special colours are possible from an ordered quantity of 800 square metres. The colour mixing is based on the Pantone colour system. Please note that we produce the desired colour for you and then add 20% white fibres. No guarantee can be given for colour fastness due to the fibre structure of the material. The delivery time is around 12 weeks, excluding the acceptance process by the customer.

Are the metal parts also available in other colours?

As standard, we supply our metal components in black or white, other colours are possible. Please note that we produce the metal components in the RAL colour system and therefore no exact colour match to the acoustic material can be produced.

What is a V-cut?

We manufacture our products using three different processes: through-cut, straight-cut and V-cut. With the through-cut process, we divide our raw boards into individual parts with straight cuts; the straight-cut is used to obtain a hinge function thanks to a predefined depth. With the V-cut we can produce a bevel at a predefined angle of 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° or 45°. The cuts can only be made with a minimum depth of 6 millimeters and a maximum depth of 12 millimeters. The V-cuts are always created on both sides of the cutting line: a V-cut 45° / 8 mm therefore creates two grooves with a depth of 45° and 8 millimeters. Different cutting angles in one panel are possible for an extra charge, we do not charge extra for different cutting depths. For more information, please refer to our design guide.

I would like to have rounded edges. Is that possible?

No, unfortunately we cannot implement rounded edges. We only work with V-cuts with angles of 10°, 15°, 22.5°, 30° or 45°.

Can company logos or other patterns also be cut out?

This is possible in most cases. Send us a vectorised PDF or an EPS file with the desired shape in advance for approval.

What do we need to prepare a quote for custom-made products?

To be able to support you in an optimal way, we need a DWG file or a vectorised PDF in the correct scale in advance. Please find out more about the technical requirements for custom-made products in the design guide in the download area.


How are the products packaged?

We strive to pack our products in the most resource-friendly way possible. For deliveries in cardboard boxes, we cut the packaging to size in advance to exactly fit the contents.

What is the lead time?

We keep large stocks of all 28 colours in both material thicknesses. The lead time of our products is usually between 4 and 6 weeks. Please note that there may be delays for certain colours due to high demand.


Can the material be drilled into?

How are the acoustic wall panels installed?

How to install bespoke ceiling baffles?

Which rope lengths are supplied for fastening the ceiling sails?

Each order contains ropes with a length of 1.50 metres. We will be happy to send you longer ropes on request. We are happy to check other fastening options on request.

Are templates for mounting ceiling sails available?

We will be happy to send you individual templates for simplified assembly on request. A data sheet for calculating the suspension points can be found in our download area.

Are the supplied adapters for table screens suitable for all table tops?

Our standard adapters are suitable for table tops from 10 to 32 millimeters thick. We will be happy to work out a customised solution for you on request.

Are assembly instructions included?

Yes, you can also find all assembly instructions in our download centre or on the respective product page.

Do you offer an installation service?

No. However, we will be happy to send you the contact of one of our installation or service partners. You can find contacts in our worldwide partner network.


Do your products have a fire classification?

Our material has the fire classification B- s1,d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1. You can find the test report in the download area. A fire retardant is added to the ARCHISONIC® material during the manufacturing process. In the video you can see the impressive fire resistance of the material compared our competitors.

Can ARCHISONIC® also be used as a canvas for projections?

This is possible. The acoustic material has a similar surface structure to felt and is therefore not smooth, this can lead to irregularities in the projection. ARCHISONIC® is well suited for displaying logos, short animations, etc. We recommend color 500 Snow White for this kind of application.

Can the acoustic panels also be used as a pinboard?

How stable is the material in fact?

Is ARCHISONIC® really made from recycled materials?

We certified the origin of the PET fibers used by an independent institute and are proud to be the only manufacturer on the market that can trace 100% of our raw material. ARCHISONIC® officially consists of 60% recycled PET bottles.

Can the material be used in the environment of swimming pools, saunas or other humid rooms?

Yes, the material is ideally suited for this purpose. Due to the nature of the raw fibers, placement is possible even in very humid environments without any problems. Due to the high absorbency, moisture is absorbed, but subsequently also released without deformation or discolouration. PET fibers do not provide a breeding ground for mold or similar fungal growth.

Can ARCHISONIC® also be used outdoors?

This is possible. Especially covered outdoor areas such as loggias, terraces or pavilions benefit from the acoustic properties. Due to the high absorbency, moisture is absorbed but subsequently also released again without deformation or discolouration. We see the same effect at temperatures below freezing. The UV resistance of the material is also very good. PET fibres do not provide a breeding ground for mould or similar fungal growth. In case of contamination, the material can be treated and cleaned with aggressive chemicals without any problems.

Does the material take on odours?

PET fibres are designed to absorb odours from food or smoke very poorly. Compared to textiles or wool, ARCHISONIC® performs significantly better.

Can acoustic panels also be used as a green screen, for example in a photo or film studio?

Yes, this is possible without any problems in good lighting conditions. Use one of our products with as smooth a surface as possible (we recommend using a raw panel).

How is damage to panels such as kinks repaired?

Due to the high heat resistance of the material, you can use a conventional iron for this. It is important that you also place baking paper on the affected area to protect the material.

Can stains or other impurities be removed?

For heavy dirt, we recommend treating the material with hydrogen peroxide. After a 24-hour exposure time, even heavy stains caused by coffee or red wine are removed.

Can the material be disinfected and cleaned?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. Our PET fibres do not provide a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs. The dyed-through fibres do not bleach out even when aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants are used. Accordingly, alcohols, aldehydes or active chlorine can be used for cleaning. For daily cleaning we recommend the use of an alcohol solution (75%), e.g. Pantasept. For an additional protective effect due to microbial contamination, we also offer treatment with Microban®.

Does the material deform over time, for example due to moisture?

The acoustic material is very absorbent and soaks moisture, but thanks to the compact fibre structure, no deformation or expansion is to be expected even with high moisture loads.

How can the raw material be processed?

The material can be processed very flexibly. We use a flatbed plotter to process our products. However, the panels can also be processed using a cutter, circular saw or crown drill.

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