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Driven by a strong belief that people and the planet can thrive at the same, we create beautiful, yet functional acoustic solutions designed to improve the lives of all of us without compromising the planet – permanent beta.

Every one of us has a responsibility to drive change, to make an impact. But making sustainable choices can be hard. We get that. Contributing to a better you and a better planet can happen in several ways, such as making conscious choices and opting for sustainable initiatives. We help you do that. Naturally, our products made of recycled PET bottles are not the only solution in the war against single-use plastic. We reuse just about 16 minutes of the annual consumption of plastic bottles. Yet, one step in the right direction is better than no step. That’s why we spare no effort always to think one step ahead so you can feel like you’re making an impact, too.


After decades in the architecture and design industry in Asia and Europe, Sven Erni and Jeffrey Ibañez decided to found a company that really makes an impact–where design meets sustainable development goals. But up-cycling bottles is not enough. That's why we've decided to support a global ban on plastic bottles in the hope that our products will eventually become obsolete for future generations. Until then, we will stop supplying the top five companies responsible for plastic bottle production: Coca-Cola, Suntory, Danone, PepsiCo, and Nestlé.

Made in Switzerland

We deliberately chose Switzerland as the country of production. In our manufacturing site, located in the heart of the Alps, we combine quality and craftsmanship to turn your ideas into sustainable acoustic products that will last a lifetime. Made in Switzerland is not just a label for us but a promise.

One Company, three Brands

Impact Acoustic creates unique products that help you beat acoustic problems, and that is all thanks to our high-performing acoustic material, ARCHISONIC®. You'll find it in any design, including our soundproof phone and meeting booths. Say hello to Chatpod.

Social Engagement

We work closely with professionals with disabilities and develop solutions that we use in our products. Get in touch with us to find out more about our social initiatives and how we can help your company meeting your CSR goals.

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Collaborations & Partnerships

We believe that our unique materials and products must be subject to constant change, true to our principle: permanent beta. That is why we love to work with renowned or young designers from the architecture and furniture industry. Are you interested in collaborating with us? Don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Trash Hero Movement

In the fight against the use and pollution of single-use plastics, we support the global Trash Hero movement with a financial fund, organization and participation in their clean-up events. Trash Hero is an energetic volunteer initiative that drives change within communities around the world, motivating and supporting them to clean and prevent plastic waste. To date, they have chapters in 135 locations in 11 countries, with the majority in Southeast Asia.

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