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Acoustic comfort and proper lighting are some of the most important aspects of a team’s health and well-being. That is why we have brought together the best lighting technologies and the best acoustic products, so you can perform at your best.

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Acoustic Lighting


For spaces that require maximum focus, this acoustic lighting fixture, of the same name, beautifully marries illumination and acoustics. The high-tech lens ensures an almost invisible light source and offers a non-intrusive design that lets thoughts and ideas dominate the space.  


Acoustic Lighting


Originally conceived upon request from a lighting designer looking for a baffle-shaped luminaire, Decipio has already won the hearts of many. Its subtle design, available in two lengths, makes this fixture ideal to combine with acoustic baffles or...


Acoustic Lighting


Both with the acoustics and with our lighting technology, we make no trade-offs. Ora is the best example of the symbiosis of both worlds: Optimal acoustics above workplaces and at the same time a light that...

Umbra Round_800x530_Teaser

Acoustic Lighting

Umbra Round

In line with team’s expectations to make workspaces feel like an extension of their homes, this acoustic lighting fixture achieves just that. The well-balanced geometric shapes contribute structure to a space and can easily be combined in different sizes...


Acoustic Lighting


From afar, this rounded lampshade presents a classic appearance, but get closer and experience the inherent playful character that sparks life to any space without intruding. Pick from five different sizes or go all-in combining dimensions for an exciting dynamic. 


Acoustic Lighting


It's a product that brilliantly demonstrates our specialty in custom luminaire design. Choose from one of our 28 colours and even perfectly match the pattern of the luminaire shade to the planned interior.

Bespoke solutions

We specialize in expanding, adapting or completely rethinking all of our standard products according to your ideas and needs. Contact our Design Studio and we will be happy to advise you for a tailor-made acoustic solution that transcend boundaries.


Acoustic Lighting


A fusion of acoustic ceiling canopy and light that meets the highest demands, that is Tetra. Combine different sizes and colors to create a powerful and impressive ceiling that makes a difference.


Acoustic Lighting


Amazing, how the light can be focused and directed in a targeted manner using the reflectors, thus guaranteeing the best illumination of workplaces. The processing of the recessed light sources ensures that the light in the...

Umbra Long_2200x800x530_Teaser

Acoustic Lighting


An impressive acoustic lighting luminaire that lights up anything from conferences room to communal dining spaces. As the long, rounded silhouette suspends from the ceiling, it creates an intimate atmosphere and contributes a sheltering feeling of...