Warm Naturals

While there is much to be hopeful about, we find ourselves living in a time of uncertainty. To counter these feelings of anxiety, we are drawn to environments that reassure and hold us in a virtual hug.

The greatest comfort is often to be found in nature, both in its awe-inspiring grandiosity and its simple beauty. From the rich red of rugged canyons to the soft pink of delicate shells we gathered the perfect hues to create a colour mood to comfort, cocoon and protect.

Combinations of lighter toned neutrals and pinks have a gently soothing and restorative effect while the more saturated hues make perfect environments for relaxation.

105 Warm Stone

A gentle pale brown with a touch of grey for added softness

404 Milk

Clean with a creamy undertone for natural warmth

102 Shell Pink

Delicately tinted, a modern pastel pink

516 Soft Coral

An essential mid-toned warm pink for a new generation

239 Terracotta

A rich and warming natural red-brown

724 Garnet

Deep and dark red with a hint of blue