Bespoke acoustic solutions

Each day, we turn thousands of plastic bottles into stunning, practical room acoustic products that enhance our daily lives.

Our products are manufactured and tailored to your specific needs.

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Unique material

Our in-house ARCHISONIC® acoustic absorber incorporates 88 recycled PET bottles per square meter, making it a highly sustainable building material. The felt-like material comes in 32 curated colors, carefully chosen by London trend experts Colour Hive™. Experience the transformation in sound quality with ARCHISONIC® Felt.

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Individual Designs

Our in-house design studio doesn't simply draw; we program your ideas to life. Utilizing complex algorithms and a deep knowledge of our materials and digital manufacturing, we collaborate with you to develop professional-grade acoustic solutions that meet your needs.

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Acoustic Lighting

Sound absorption and lighting are two of the most critical components for creating a comfortable environment. That's why we've teamed up with Prolicht, the leading technical innovator in the market, to combine our superior acoustic material with top-of-the-line luminaires. The result is a collection that exceeds the most demanding standards in both acoustic performance and design.


Soundproof Chatpods

Chatpod is the most sustainable office booth on the market. Crafted in Switzerland from eco-friendly materials, including post-consumer cardboard, PET bottles, sawdust, and rubber, Chatpod offers the perfect space for conducting phone calls or small meetings while minimizing environmental impact.

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Sustainable is not enough

What if our material were to become superfluous at some point because disposable bottles were no longer used by the millions? However, until that day arrives, we remain dedicated to our mission of achieving a closed product loop, designing elegant and practical solutions for the design and architecture industry using our Cradle-to Cradle-Certified® materials. Join us in making a positive impact.

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Distribution partners

Do you have questions about our products, colours, or materials? Get in touch with one of our Premium Partners in your area, or request a quote.

Production times

Please note that we anticipate a production time of 4-6 weeks from the date of quotation. For more information regarding our production process, please refer to the linked document.

Our collaborations

Our collaboration partners regularly test the versatility of our materials. Discover how ARCHISONIC® can be seamlessly integrated into existing design concepts as a sustainable building material, acoustic supplement, or eye-catching feature.