Why Office Spaces need Good Acoustics


JSB, Miami (2022)

An office space is second home to every worker. If you are one, you would certainly agree that you spend more time here than at home. The office environment has become a modern integral part of man’s everyday life. With all the demands expected of being an employee, you would not want to work somewhere noisy and cluttered. As a second home, this place should provide workers like you with a certain level of comfort, reducing tension and strain.

Studies show that noise is one of the leading causes of irritability among workers. This noise could come from chattering workmates, continuous ringing of phones, crackling sounds from the computer keyboards, or the attention-grabbing paper shredder. Sadly, this factor for consideration has been neglected by some firms as they keep up with the trend of renovating offices from conventional cubicles to team-oriented layouts. This sometimes results to poor room acoustics.

The Three Ps of Good Acoustics

Having good acoustics in your workplace is beneficial. Here are some of its positive effects.

  1. Productivity

Good room acoustics increases comfort and tranquility. Appropriate soundscaping and reverberation time can increase an employee’s focus, remove unnecessary distractions, or even reduce stress levels and blood pressure, which eventually encourages regular attendance at work. All together, they lead to efficiency and effectiveness, improving overall productivity at work.

  1. Privacy

Conversations in a well-sounded space can be both publicly and privately important. Surely, as much as you want to understand a burden your colleague is sharing; you also want to make sure that there’s no chance for eavesdropping. Good room acoustics makes significant conversations intelligible and confidential. Where there is trust in the team, there is loyalty too.

  1. Prosperity

Good room acoustics in Office Spaces are investments. The success of the company relies to the efforts, contributions, and overall health of the team. A comfortable working environment is an utmost advantage. When employees are not stressed and pressured, it improves their well-being. As a result, they become more passionate about their work. Undeniably, only passionate workers can produce excellent ideas and outcomes.


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