Acoustics and Lighting for Retail Spaces


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Acoustics and lighting design continue to gain more relevance. In addition to offices, retail spaces and grocery stores are also being equipped with intelligent acoustic and lighting solutions. The aim is to create a pleasant and stress-free atmosphere while shopping.

Supermarket with ceiling baffles
Acoustics- an important aspect for retail spaces

Shops are like hubs, where consumers gather. You are rarely completely alone. Stores, large or small, can be filled with customers whose voices and movements, can cause tremendous noise. Several studies show that noise is a pollutant that may affect your physical and psychological behavior. In fact, it has been a common business complaint expressed by consumers throughout different reviews. For this reason, acoustics in retail spaces is becoming a major design consideration, as it can make or break a business.

Influences on our buying behavior

Customers don't want to be blinded, trip over or bump into something because of poor lighting conditions. You may not be aware of how your decision-making is influenced by the lights surrounding you. Studies reveal that a pleasant lighting experience in a store may even make you come back more often. A well-lit place also influences our buying behavior. The visuals that people perceive through their eyes are connected to how they feel and think of a product and eventually their decision, whether to buy something or not.

Acoustics and lighting work perfectly in making shops a conducive space for business. All together, they determine the aesthetic and psychological appearance of a room. Acoustics provide the necessary reverberation for sound insulation, while the right lighting ensures optimal visibility, a pleasant room temperature and a suitable product presentation. A combination of the two provides a unique customer experience that builds trust and loyalty.

How can you create good lighting and acoustics for retail spaces?

Improving lighting is as much of a technical issue as acoustics. To improve the acoustic comfort of a store space, innovative materials can be used to improve sound absorption. When it comes to lighting, designers and architects should for example consider; light temperature, brightness, hue and type of light source.

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