Acoustics and Lighting for Retail Spaces


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Imagine yourself paying for your favorite loaf in a grocery store. It was your turn when suddenly the cashier offered you something you hardly understood. Unfortunately, the store was so crowded, and everybody seemed to speak with voices raised. Without having a thought about it, you just said YES, to keep going. Your card was tapped, and you were surprised that an additional cost was charged to you.

Will you scream to keep everyone silent? Or will you sigh deeply after saying yes to something you have misheard?
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Drowned in Sounds

Shops are like hubs gathering a crowd of consumers. You would not buy something in a store while expecting to be there alone. This space, no matter how small, could be filled with shoppers whose voices, movements and responses may undeniably create noise. Several studies show that noise is a pollutant that may affect your physical and psychological behavior. In fact, it has been a common business complaint expressed by consumers through reviews. For this reason, acoustics in retail spaces is becoming a major design consideration, as it can make or break a business.

Dazzled or Dimmed?

No customer would want to be blinded by too much brightness or even tripped by bad lighting. You may be unaware of it but your decision to buy more, buy less or even consider buying can be influenced by the lights surrounding you. Studies reveal that a pleasant lighting experience from a store may even make you come back often. A well-lit place sets up the buying behavior of people. The visuals that people perceive through their eyes are connected to how they feel and think of a product, and eventually their decision to whether to buy something or not.

Acoustics and lighting work perfectly in making shops a conducive space for business. All together, they define the aesthetic and psychological outlook of an area. Acoustics provide the necessary reverberation for sound proofing while proper lighting provides the glow and style. A combination of both designs secures a one-of-a-kind customer experience, eventually captivating their trust and loyalty.
How to achieve good lighting and acoustics for retail spaces?

To establish the acoustic comfort of a retail space, innovative materials to enhance sound absorption could be used. Improvement of lighting in retail spaces is as technical as what Acoustics is. To enhance this, designers should be knowledgeable about concepts for consideration such as lighting temperature, brightness, tone, bulb types and many others.

A good choice of areas for illumination and the types of LED lights and appropriate color will also determine the effectiveness of installed lighting.

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