A Cocktail of Colours - Designing a Winery Office


Flaschenpost Zürich-OG image


Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Design: Berry Consulting
Photography: Dario Zimmerli

Founded by wine lovers Renzo Schweri and Dominic Blaesi, Flaschenpost has grown steadily, from shipping wines in a student apartment to becoming the largest wine dealer in Switzerland.

Intricately designed by Berry, acoustic products were successfully integrated to go beyond the classic office concept. Our palette, consisting of 28 shades, no matter how varied they are, amazingly fit each other and are even adaptive to other materials. The awesome combination of these hues was developed by Colour Hive from London, a trendsetter in publishing design, colour and material insight.

Ceiling panels and hanging divisions in shades of Nordic Pine, Sunshine and Soft Coral perfectly matched the oriental carpet laid in the floors. The lighting-ceiling panel is an inseparable tandem providing the best acoustic comfort.

What a captivating way to surround a lounge with earth tones. This area is a significant spot for meditation and brainstorming. Playfully intimate, Vela ceiling panels were creatively installed to enhance the room acoustics.


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