Soothing Pastels

With the evolution of millennial pinks and the emergence of neo-mint, the bandwidth of neutrals has increased, and we see diffused soothing pastels take their place as neutrals of the future.

This directional colour collection is curated from our core palettes of Elemental Blues, Living Greens and Warm Naturals. Combined with shades from the Quiet Neutrals collection and natural materials, these colours take on a timeless quality.

With tonal duos of pink and blue and green, this perfectly balanced group is designed for peaceful plays on light and shade and playful contrast. While the lightest tones have a dreamlike quality, their deeper counterparts add a subtle grounding.

102 Shell Pink

Delicately tinted, a modern pastel pink

516 Soft Coral

An essential mid-toned warm pink for a new generation

304 Ice Blue

A cool tinted pastel blue

410 Winter Sky

With a touch of grey, a perfect mid-tone blue

706 Spearmint

A calm cool blue-green

712 Succulent

Soothing, mid-toned and cool