Head of Innovation and Design



Coco Lombarte – our rebel in Innovation and Design

As Head of Innovation & Design, Coco has made it his main task to ensure that the team works perfectly, pushing through in the right direction while delivering always on time.

"Due to the creative nature of everything we do I'd like to see my area of work as an ever growing, organic, common space of innovation, improvement and above all, industry disruption. The main areas of work to start with will be closely related to the development of new materials, the creation of new applications for the existing materials and the implementation of a series of creative processes that will allow us to combine our talent and skills to perform as best as we can."

"I have only joined Impact Acoustic recently, but it didn't take me long to be absolutely fascinated by the company culture."

Coco, why Impact Acoustic?

"Impact Acoustic is a highly creative powerhouse of innovation where people from all over the world combine their skills and expertise to deliver in a way that I have never seen before.

I have also been amazed by the level of quality and care throughout all products and services. The attention to detail on every single step of each process is something I have never seen before."