Visplay Flexible Office System

Flexible Office System (FOS) is a mobile system for agile working. The configurable modules are designed for different settings, from workshops to focused individual work. Acoustic walls or pinboards made of ARCHISONIC® material can be integrated into the system.

The ARCHISONIC® pinboards can be flexibly mounted and repositioned in the shelving systems. Visplay offers selected colour options from our collection.

About the material

The ARCHISONIC® back and side panels give the mobile system a colourful exterior while improving acoustics in the numerous work settings.

In combination with a whiteboard, our pinnable acoustic material, for which we recycle up to 88 PET bottles per square meter, becomes the perfect set-up for creative workspaces.


All configuration options and additional information on the Flexible Office System (FOS) can be found at our collaboration partner Visplay.