Quiet Neutrals

In an ever-connected increasingly urban age, we are all at times in search of a moment of silence. With this in mind, we look to the quieter elements of nature as inspiration for a series of calming and balanced neutrals.

In the ephemeral wisp of smoke from a log fire, the slowly shifting clouds above a mountain or a raindrop on a window there’s a sense of gentle motion that soothes the senses. We enhanced these elemental concepts with colours inspired by gentle wildlife.

These shades work in harmony with natural textural materials and soften industrial environments. From light to dark and cool to warm, these are the foundations of any scheme where longevity and a mood of calm is desired.

500 Snow White

The softest nuance, a tinted white

103 Cloud

Pale, cool and clear, a true neutral grey

442 Smoke

A simple mid-tone grey

542 Charcoal

The darkest grey, almost black

108 Ground

A muted grey-brown neutral

105 Warm Stone

A gentle pale brown with a touch of grey for added softness

404 Milk

Clean with a creamy undertone for natural warmth

550 Raven

A bold and rich black

444 Slate

A shade of gray with classic grace

920 Jute

Subtle warmth and durable

107 Linen

A natural hue for the ages