Primary Play

The Bauhaus centenary has reawakened designers’ interest in primary colours and the fundamental building blocks of colour are here in this nuanced red, blue and yellow.

Their beauty lies in their simplicity, and in combination with their childhood familiarity, the addition of almost black and white brings a cool graphic touch.

While corporate branding and commercial space zoning are natural outcomes for individual primary brights, we see directional applications increasing in importance.

The primary story happens when all three main colours are used together, with varied proportions creating differing moods. As with the Energetic Brights palette, combine with coordinating coloured textiles and solid surfaces.

500 Snow White

The softest nuance, a tinted white

542 Charcoal

The darkest grey, almost black

846 Sunshine

A bold warm yellow

662 Poster Red

A bold red with a pink undertone

864 Marine Blue

Intense and sophisticated with a hint of warmth