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Premium Partner
  • Lighting Specialist
72 Ecton Ln, Sywell, Northampton NN6, UK
Passion in creating exceptional luminaires is what Calibo is all about.

Calibo's bespoke manufacturing and procurement operation allows them to tailor their lighting solutions to their client's exact specifications while maintaining affordability.

Acoustic lighting combines lighting fixtures with sound-absorbing materials to enhance both the visual and acoustic aspects of a space. This integration of lighting fixtures into sound-absorbing panels contribute to a pleasant and comfortable environment. As a Premium Partner of Impact Acoustic, our partnership with Calibo, allows us to deliver in the United Kingdom our range of products that have been meticulously designed to meet the highest standards of performance, aesthetics, and sustainability.

And because our acoustic panels are made from recycled PET bottles, Impact Acoustic and Calibo are simultaneously addressing environmental concerns, improving acoustic performance of any space, and promoting sustainable practices.