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2 Loughgall Rd, Armagh BT61 7NH, UK
Reducing Noise. Enhancing Life. Buildtec is your trusted soundproofing company in Ireland.

In today's noisy environment, acoustic and noise control is crucial. Therefore, it is essential to make the right choices when it comes to soundproofing. To those who are keen on creating an ideal work-life space that promotes a well-balanced indoor environment by respecting acoustic and environmental regulations, Buildtec will help you achieve exactly that.

Impact Acoustic is proud to be working in partnership with Buildtec as we both share a strong common identity and a shared focus on excellence. With their customer base that includes some of Ireland’s leading architects and builders and their aim to minimize environmental impact, it is without a doubt that our partnership with them is a brand built around premium product offering and service.

Buildtec's range is designed to allow a full response to your acoustic problems by assisting building designers, architects, and end users in achieving specific targets within their design, construction, and service specification choices. Without a doubt, they are a company with a mission: to build things that are tough, durable, and well designed.

If you are looking for an unparalleled line of eco-friendly soundproofing and anti-vibration solutions, then it is time to contact Buildtec to start your project today.