Vitra Comma



Comma follows the functionality and aesthetics of a scaffold. As with such, a wide variety of structures can be easily created with just a few parts and, thanks to the integrated ARCHISONIC® acoustic panels, separated from each other.

Vitra's latest office system is an expression of the working spirit of a new generation. Flexibility, but also acoustic effectiveness in combination with sustainable materials stands for Comma.

The ARCHISONIC® rear and partition walls give the office system unique acoustic properties and, thanks to the numerous colours, are an expression of individual design freedom at the same time.

Comma offers the right solution for every modern and open office setting, from a simple workstation to shelving or a rolling high table.

Designer thoughts

«Comma was inspired by the robust simplicity of scaffolding, which is sturdy and stable and can be adapted to different requirements with the same few basic elements. That’s exactly what we wanted: a structure that can be configured for diverse functions – shelf units, tables, partitions and much more.»

Christian Grosen, Chief Design Officer, Vitra


All configurations and additional information on the Comma system can be found at our collaboration partner Vitra.