Bird of THEWALL enables modular structuring of your rooms, offering storage space. They function as intelligent room partitions creating great acoustics, thanks to our ARCHISONIC® material.

Bird consistently follows the concept of flexible, innovative and sustainable room design. Thanks to our acoustic cladding, the partition brings acoustic optimisation to offices, meeting rooms or home offices. The product is based on three different colours from our collection and can be complemented with various accessories.

Our ARCHISONIC® material is made from recycled plastic bottles. All wooden parts originate from sustainable forest management. When the time has come, surfaces can be replaced bringing new life to the basic structure of THEWALL Bird.

Concious Creation
This also applies to our collaborations. We look for long-term partnerships and companies that share our values and vision. All THEWALL Birds are made from sustainable materials and stand for long-lasting utility and timelessness, just like our products.


Inspired and ready to fly high? All IMPACT ACOUSTIC® Birds and configurations can be found in at our collaboration partner THEWALL.