The Latter Meets the Past



Bergen City Hall

Location: Bergen, Norway
Design: GrapeDesign
Photography: Veronika Stuksrud

Highly influenced by the Brutalist style in the 1950s, Bergen City Hall is a building of cultural and historical significance in Norway. When corrosion has been detected, a series of extensive renovations were started prolonging the building’s life by half a century.

With the desire to create a more people-centered government, the employees' concept of a functional workplace has been envisioned by the leadership and was immediately actualised. This brought forth a restored but preserved architectural masterpiece.

Grape Design, our creative partner for this project, innovated this 1960s Scandinavian-inspired interior through the precise calculation of our Edge Bespoke Ceiling Baffles in the shade of Warm Stone. This predominantly calm colour blended well with other tones used throughout the building suggesting the period when the furnishings were constructed.

Such a comforting mood is perfectly established among areas, such as the cafeteria and the lobby, where employees would love to share insights and stories.

While the facility pays homage to its past, the work areas and meeting rooms were adaptive to the current needs of a modern workplace such as perfect lighting fixtures with the ideal acoustics to control the sounds surrounding the office. What a great environment to work in, where one can internalise the heritage of the past while creating history for the future generations.


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