The Landmark of our Hometown as an Acoustic Mural



EY Lucerne

Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Architecture: Büronauten AG
Installation: AGG SystemDecken AG
Photography: Zeljko Gataric

As employees and visitors arrive at EY in Lucerne, they are welcomed by a beautiful mural picturing Mount Pilatus, the iconic mountain towering the city of Lucerne.

This mural is like no other. It consists of 40 individual parts and eight different colors: Snow White, Ice Blue, Nordic Pine, Smoke, Winter Sky, Moss, Charcoal and Cloud.

It’s a piece of art with acoustic features, created from dozens of small pieces of ARCHISONIC®. Commonly, details like these are extremely hard to create, only thanks to our high precision cutting techniques.

Apart from the stunning mural, room dividers add additional acoustic treatment while perfectly balancing the need for visual privacy and connection with the surrounding environment.

Hanging room dividers in the Succulent colour give the office space with a view overlooking Lucerne's old town a bright and natural atmosphere and create a visual unity with the nearby river and lake.