The first circular acoustic material made from PET



Did you know that not only do we make our material from recycled PET bottles, but that we can recycle 97% of our off-cuts or product returns into original PET pellets at the end of their life?

Since the founding of Impact Acoustic, our goal has been to make our material fully circular. Circularity means that our product is not only made from upcycled bottles but can be fully recycled at the end of its life. As part of the Impact Lab, we have been working for months to achieve this goal.

With a local start-up, we were able to successfully test the process and carry out the chemical recycling. A major milestone for our company and the PET acoustic industry.

The material is shredded into small pieces prior to chemical processing.

At the end of the process, 97% of the original colourless PET remains; the remaining components, such as dyes or flame retardants, are properly disposed of.

The project introduces the concept of closed-loop recycling of PET and polyester as part of this strategy. This has a number of benefits, including a significant reduction in CO2 emissions compared to standard PET and polyester production methods.


Depolymerisation is the reversal of polymerisation. Depolymerisation breaks down the polymers into smaller molecules, making them available for further polymerisation processes. The process allows the multi-processed PET components to be returned to the original PET pellets.