Sustainable acoustic luminaire with character



The aim of atelier oï was to find a way to make the material speak in a new way.

We are very enchanted and proud to present the result of our collaboration with the esteemed Swiss design studio atelier oï – sustainable and aesthetic. Oloïd's captivating design is enhanced by the carefully curated selection of all 32 colours in the ARCHISONIC® Felt range, allowing architects to personalise spaces and create immersive environments.

Aurel, one of the founders of atelier oï, gives fascinating insights into the design process.

'We started our creative process with a first keyword: a lamp with a distinctive character. Very often, our creative process starts with the encounter with the material. A first dialogue is created with our hands. Thinking with our hands, experimenting with the material in a playful way.

In addition, a visit to the Impact Acoustic offices and workshops gave us the opportunity to quickly work with samples of Archisonic acoustic felt. We began to understand how this material reacted and what its characteristics and limitations were. We cut, milled and drilled it to create an organic shape from an initially flat and rigid sheet. Our aim was to find a way to let the material speak in a new way.'

'A sound-absorbing luminaire that combines illumination and acoustic properties for a space. In addition, the Oloïd pendant light creates a very special atmosphere in the space where it is located. All these advantages define the product as efficient, intelligent and aesthetically surprising. Moreover, Archisonic acoustic felt is a material made by upcycling PET bottles. To echo the philosophy of Impact acoustic, it was important for us to offer a mono-material product with easily removable and changeable parts.'

'To create organic shapes, we had to push the limits of the material's rigidity and flatness. With the right tools and processes, we were able to test and give a whole new characteristic to Archisonic sheets. It was a pleasure to work with such a good, stable, reliable and versatile material. Our goal in partnering with Impact Acoustic was also to gain an understanding of the machine used in the production process and explore its potential for novel, creative applications.'

'This wide colour palette gives us the opportunity to imagine this product in a variety of environments and to push our creative process. From lively, electric colours to calmer, more soothing tones, we offer our customers a wide range of choices and allow them to find a product that suits them.'

'What fascinated us in this collaboration was to observe the transformation of the material. By exploring and experimenting with the technology used by Impact Acoustic, we were able to develop organic forms and create astonishing volumes from a flat and rigid material without any visible trim lines. We achieved this through a unique angled cutting style and the folding of the panels. This allowed us to transform the 2D panels into 3D bodies - from surface to body.

And all this was possible thanks to the collaboration with Impact Acoustic, the exchange of know-how and experience. Our success was made possible by the trust Impact Acoustic gave us.'