Space with a magnificent view of the airfield



Novo Nordisk

Location: The Circle, Zurich Airport, Switzerland
Photographer: Zeljko Gataric
Architect: Unispace Zurich

With a magnificent view of the airfield at Zurich Airport, Novo Nordisk teams can enjoy a front-row seat to the air traffic during work. In addition to satisfying the eyes, the new office buildings at The Circle also provide employees with acoustically well-balanced spaces to please the ears and mind.  Throughout the space, from recreation rooms to cafeterias and individual workstations, a mix of graphically cut square and round acoustic panels suspend from the ceiling to reduce excess noise in the open-plan office.
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Our Vertigo wall panels add both elegance and excellent acoustic treatment to large meeting rooms, which blend seamlessly into the room design.
The cut-outs of our ceiling panels were achieved through a custom design to ensure air permeability—one of the requirements for installations in this new building.