Milan Design Week



The Milan Design Week takes place from 17-21 April and we are part of it! You can find us at the Archiproducts showroom, via Tortona 31 – a project curated by Studio Pepe.

The earth is our home and offers us true materials, warm colours, and a sense of belonging.

The interior project guides us throughout the discovery of our connection with the earth that evokes a sense of peace. A project where nature inspires the choice of colours and materials with a careful and conscious approach to design.

Discover ARCHISONIC® Cotton – an innovative and sustainable solution that embodies the concept of circularity. By using natural and renewable materials, designing a closed-loop production process, and ensuring that the product is fully recyclable, it offers a restorative and regenerative solution to the problem of sound absorption.

You can discover our circular solution all year round at Archiproducts Milano.