Inside Out - Mirroring the Mountains


AO Foundation, Zizers (1)

AO Foundation

Location: Zizers, Switzerland
Architecture: Anja Pleyer /
Photography: Romeo Polcan

AO Foundation is a non-profit global organization of health practitioners specializing in musculoskeletal treatments. Founded by renowned Swiss surgeons, this institute is home to medical experts from varied places, bound by a passion for improving patient care.

This project, designed by Anja Pleyer, is a collaboration of external nature elements and interior classic designs. It successfully echoed the quiet climactic experience of the location to a calmly nourishing ambience of the workspace.

Roofing the conference areas is our computational design, bespoke ceiling baffle Edge that resembles the snow-capped peaks surrounding the town. Alongside are the Round ceiling panels in bright shades that are customized as lightings for session rooms, signifying the vibrant clouds hovering the hill tops.

The fir trees nestled in the workspace reflect the towering shrubs that guard the valleys of Grisons. Altogether, they are perfectly complemented by our precise lighting calculation in partnership with Prolicht. The classic Spark in shades of Ice Blue, Snow White and Winter Sky brightened up the meeting spaces with their cool hues, while the high-performance lighting Bysso illuminates the workplaces perfectly without dazzling.


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