Computational Design for a Swiss Airline



Edelweiss Air

Location: Zurich Airport, The Circle, Switzerland
Architecture: team H12
Photography: Felix Kühni

"Impact Acoustic always provides you with the perfect sustainable material, made from up-cycled PET bottles, but when you join them in a project like Edelweiss, you see that they give you a lot more tools to work. They advise you regarding the construction, the colours, and how to be gentle with the material."

Nicole Schneider, Design Consulting, team H12

Planned using the computational design approach, the acoustic ceiling stretches across the entire office space. The wavy shape pays homage to the destinations of Switzerland's largest vacation airline. Cleverly programmed and designed, it guides visitors through the large-scale open work environments.

"Innovation and sustainability are hugely important parts of our lives and our work as architects. With Impact Acoustic as your partner, you can be sure that the two worlds are united in the best possible way."

Nicole Schneider, Design Consulting, team H12

Over 100,000 PET bottles could be recycled in the entire area of Edelweiss Air's offices. With around 100 workplaces, that's over 1000 bottles that have found a new reasonable life.

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