An Eye for Detail



Svane Køkkenet-Glostrup Showroom

Location: Glostrup, Denmark
Design: Grape Design
Photography: Christian Nygaard

Established in the early nineties, Svane Køkkenet is renowned for interior furniture and home designing services in Holstebro, Denmark. It is known for launching a new, innovative kitchen line every year, developed by its own designers and architects. In their creations, Svane pays close attention to details– it's the small things that make a big difference.

This great collaboration with our premium partner Grape Design features all custom-made, fully integrable acoustic design solutions for Svane’s new headquarters and showroom in Glostrup.

Our panels were transformed into customised lighting solutions. The ceiling lighting is accentuated with our material ARCHISONIC®. Precisely curved patches cover the walls, creating a beautiful yet functional wall design. The elegant shades of darks form a sense of balance and simplicity, aligned with the customer's values.

The flexibility of our material enables us to work with partners equally passionate as we are, and that challenge us with their futuristic and unconventional design visions.


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