A Dose of Quality and Excellence




Location: Basel, Switzerland
Design: Vögtli Büro Design
Photography: Gilgia Godenzi

As a global leader in advanced drug delivery technologies, Acino is well-known for developing and manufacturing well-proven and innovative pharmaceuticals in novel drug delivery forms.

Aside from providing quality medicines, a good workplace that creates an environment of initiative and support is a trademark of Acino team. With the innovative office concept designed by Vögtli Büro, this has been brought to life.

Our acoustic Bespoke calculation in the shade of Snow White secured a serene and pure atmosphere. This calmness is brought by a play of extending waves and rays that covered the entire office ceilings.

With its aesthetic and acoustic value, the office was turned into a quiet haven where stress has no place to grow. Truly, a business center like this exudes its fine taste for excellence and commitment to quality.


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