A Brand new Berry


Berry, Zurich (2022) (1)


Location: Zurich, Switzerland
Installation: Art-Montagen GmbH

Berry is known for its flexible workplaces that promote excellence through teamwork and collaboration. Aside from interior design and consultancy services, the showrooms in the workplace are open for rental to teams desiring to work in a comfortable and effective office space.

In its new work hub in Zurich, a state-of-the-art environment for innovation and interaction was given birth.

Our flexible ARCHISONIC® products were craftily customised in partnership with our in-house Design Studio. With a blend of energetic brights and elegant darks, our acoustic panels surrounded the workplace. Such a wonderful harmony encouraging an open exchange of insights and opinions.

Because too much of anything could be harmful, a collaboration-conducive office space must have its quiet areas too. Essentially, this balance is established through our creative installation of acoustic products. From lightings, ceiling panels, wall covering and customised tiles, hanging divisions, up to accessories, our sound mastery can conquer any threat to concentration and privacy.

With all the flexibility and inspiration that it offers, who could not agree that such a work hub is a BERRY nice place to work at?

Berry has been our Premium Partner for the Greater Zurich area. Envisioning and accomplishing their dream workplace is another milestone of our partnership.


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