The Sound of Colour

Introducing ARCHISONIC®, our high-performance acoustic absorber. Instead of extracting new material, the product relies on the upcycling of single-used plastic bottles. 88 post-consumer PET bottles are used for every square meter of finished material. ARCHISONIC® is available in 32 carefully curated colours, combined into eight colour families.

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One square meter of ARCHISONIC® is made from 88 recycled plastic bottles. The production is done in the same traditional way as conventional felt. The entire ARCHISONIC® product range is LEED and Cradle to Cradle Certified®. Due to its flexible application options, it offers the design and architecture community limitless possibilities for addressing acoustic challenges.

Potential applications

ARCHISONIC® is probably the most versatile building material with acoustic properties. It is used in architecture as well as in the furniture industry. We are open to collaborations with international design companies, artists, or brands and are always happy to push the boundaries of what is possible.

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