920 Jute

Our society is changing, but this constant change is what drives us. Learn how we are creating new impressions that last and join us on an exciting journey in four stages. Get inspired by our ARCHISONIC® collection.

Wholesome and natural, a softly shaded, mid-tone red-cast yellow designed to soothe and reassure.

There’s feeling of familiarity with this everyday neutral. Ubiquitous for good reason, it evokes the millennia-old use of bast fibers to create durable and sustainable materials.

Subtle warmth makes this a sympathetic colour for interior design with a natural aesthetic. Familiar and functional. Available from February 2023.
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Our 2023 colours:

918 Deep Sea

A perfect temperature, neither too warm or too cool, this gently saturated and shaded, deep, pure blue evokes the timeless and eternal nature of the sea.

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107 Linen

An almost fully desaturated yellow with a red undertone creates the quietest expression of the hue.

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139 Honeycomb

A perfect representation of a golden yellow designed by mother nature.

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