MAD Ceilings

Premium Partner
  • Installateur
Västbergavägen 4, 126 30 Hägersten, Sweden
Mad Ceilings is a Swedish-based ceiling specialist that offer seamless ceiling application that add life and personality to any space.

Choosing the right ceiling is an important part of design. Their highly efficient solutions for noise prevention will help you reduce costs and improve your business development which makes them the best partner for Impact Acoustic in Sweden. Their ceiling design and solutions are designed to insulate, absorb and isolate sound which makes it perfect for commercial and industrial environments. While they offer the highest quality and range of stunning and unique ceiling solutions, you can also avail Impact Acoustic’s other products through Mad Ceilings as they are our exclusive partner in the region.

Bringing their latest contemporary ceiling designs and our acoustic expertise together, results to stunning spaces that enhance sound by controlling noise and making your place more comfortable and enjoyable.

Absorbent and decorative, make your ceilings standout with Mad Ceilings.