Impact Acoustic Nordic c/o Grape

Premium Partner
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Dortheavej 6, 2400 København, Denmark
Working with partners who understand the importance of good acoustics in order create a comfortable and functional space is important to us. This is why we partnered with Grape.

As a premier design studio, their team of experts and years of experience in the field ensure that they only use materials with the highest-quality. This is where Impact Acoustic comes in. Our dedication to create sustainable and eco-friendly acoustic panels, does not only help in enhancing the sound quality of any space, we also contribute in reducing our environmental footprint.

Imagine a space that is retrofitted in improving sound absorption, reducing unwanted echoes and background noise without compromising beauty and design. This is what you get when you get Grape and Impact Acoustic in collaboration. Improved speech intelligibility and reduced noise levels for important areas such as offices, classrooms, and other public spaces, results to clear communication and better concentration.

So if you are from Denmark, Norway, Faroes Island and Iceland, contact Grape and start your project with them today.